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on December 24th, 2008 at 02:08 am

Lovely picspam! I adore your graphics so I should have known that your picspam post would be just as gorgeous!

- Ahhh, HUGH! So hott! I just finished watching The Prestige with him and Christian Bale, so much hottness on the screen lol.
- That picture of Kate Beckinsale with those beautiful HUGE earrings is stunning!
- I love love love that quote from Kirsten! And I adore KBell!
- The Ryan/Rachel pics and quotes are so beautiful! Gosh, I wish they'd stayed together!
- All the movies are great, some I haven't seen, though! I'll have to check them out.
- I just had myself a Friends marathon a few weeks ago, too, it's awesome, isn't it? So much love for that show.
- And I LOVE Chuck! And VM and exactly agree on Privileged, just a nice pleasure in the middle of a busy week. OH, and agree completely on the sentiments to ABC behalf PD haha. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!
- And the Olympics and Obama are definitely high high on my list of highlights for the year! AND congrats on finishing your exams! =]

Thanks for the wonderful picspam! Such pretty pictures to gaze upon!

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