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Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

you are the _____ to my _____
Applicable to only people on my friend's list: Leave a comment saying i.e. "you are the Blair to my Chuck" or "you are the elle to my sylar" etc and I'll add it to the list xoxo p.s fandoms are ♥

you are the effy to my pandora
you are the chuck to my blair
you are the kyle to my jessi
you are the blair to my headband
you are the kristen to my rob
you are the coco to my behati
you are the draco malfoy to my slick blonde hair
you are the cuddy to my house
you are the cook to my freddie
you are the rory to my jesse
you are the seth to my summer
you are the chuck to my ned
you are the monica to my chandler
you are the langdon to my jamie
you are the cassie to my michelle
you are the jenny humphrey to my sewing machine
you are the serena to my dan
you are the pooh to my winnie
you are the scofield to my t-bag
you are the bella to my cullen
you are the meredith to my derek
you are the usa to my obama
you are the domyouj to my makino
you are the hermione to my ron
you are the elle to my sylar
you are the james to my sirius
you are the malfoy to my granger
you are the chuck to my sarah
you are the bagel to my cream
you are the bread to my butter
you are the pen to my ink
you are the coffee to my sugar
you are the macaron to my chocolate
you are the big breakfast to my egg
you are the heart to my secret
you are the addiction to my drug
you are the demand to my supply
you are the lips to my lipstick
you are the heart to my key
you are the chicken rice to my chicken
you are the lips to my kiss
you are the bears to my gummy
you are the kite to my string
you are the cupcake to my icing
you are the silence to my whisper
you are the jelly to my beans
you are the soul to my eyes
you are the pancakes to my honey
you are the rainbow to my colours
you are the questions to my answers
you are the butter to my peanut
you are the shampoo to my smell
you are the KEA to my I
you are the medleys to my songs


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You are the ketchup to my fries
You are the cream to my bagel
You are the curry sauce to my mcnuggets
You are my blouse to my skirt/shorts
You are my cookie to my cookie jar

Ok I think most of them are abt food and I'm hungry so... LOL

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Lololol I'll pick my favourite one to put up <3 These are all so awesome!

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you are the butter to my bread?
ok dk if its right or wrong.

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It's fine!!! (:

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You're the M to my M (does that even make sense? lol)
or You're the ink to my pen?
I don't think I'm creative/imaginative enough to think of a good one!

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Lololol it's alright added!

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SEEMS FUN!!! I'm gna have a go ~

You are the lenses to my glasses.
You are the wine to my glasses.
You are the socks to my sneakers. (hm. sounds smelly :o!)
You are the proton to my neutron.
You are the sugar to my coffee.
You are the cream to my pimple.
You are the clothes to my luggage.

I don't think I make sense... D:

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you are the chocolate to my macaron? :p

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That's fine! Added!

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you are the egg to my big breakfast!

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[identity profile] 2009-02-22 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
you are the secret to my heart

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You are the zip to my jeans.
You are the lyrics to my music.
You are the rhythm to my dance.

Omgosh haha i feel so dumb ):

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Omg no .......

You are the lyrics to my song * (sounds nicer )

Hahaha gooodness never thought this would be so difficult :/

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you are the brush to my hair?
You are the light to my darkness?
You are the drug to my addiction
You are the blanket to my bed?
You are the twinkle to my eye.
You are the stars to my sky.

Haha I am so corny. I sound like an old lady full of corny old time loove.

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♥ econs nerdzzz haha!

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you are the pandora to my effy? :D

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That's perrrrrrfect!

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you are the lipstick to my lips
you are the shoes that fit (to my feet)

hahaha :)

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you are the blair to my chuck ♥

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You are the Jessi to my Kyle!!!!

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Omg ilysfm

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you are the headband to my blair waldorf.

you are the big bow to my blair.

you are the headband to my hair.

you are the big bow to my headband.

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You are the Rob to my Kristen

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Awwwww I love this <3

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you are the key to my heart.

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Lololol alright <3

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I never got these ! :'(

Let me try:
You are the behati to my coco ? :D

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You got it right! So I'll post it as you are the coco to my behati (with coco leaving a link to your lj!!!)

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You are the marshmallow to my Veronica. AHAHAHA. Does that even make sense???

You are the slicked blond hair to my Draco Malfoy.

You are the LOL to my cat.

You are the bukkit to my walrus.

I might come up with more ahahaha. This is so fun.

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the funniest one i've heard is "you are my chicken to my chicken rice" hahahaha

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btw, nice layout! (: ok i'm pretty slow |:

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you are the reason to my craziness
you are the mouse to my computer
you are the lens to my camera
you are the card reader to my memory card
you are the leaves to my tree
you are the house to my cuddy (if you watched House!)
you are the yolk to my egg
you are the fur to my hamster
you are the sunrise to my day

omg card reader lol! hope you like these! :)

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You are the kiss to my lips.

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Added <3

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You are my gummy to my bears!!!

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Awww added!

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hmmm, how about

you are the key to my heart?


you are the string to my kite :)

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key to my heart is taken! <3

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how about you're the freddie to my cook? :)

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