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Chuck 2x22: Chuck versus the Ring. The Epic Picspam (Including GIFs!!)

Things I loved about this episode...

Chuck quitting the Buymore

Emmett: Oh thank you for joining us.
Chuck: Emmett, I... I have waited a long time for this day, thought of so many ways I could say it out loud and how it would finally feel to get it off of my chest.
Emmett: *chuckle* Let me stop you Chuck. I am incredibly flattered. But I am a flaming~ heterosexual.
Chuck: What? What? No, no! I'm outta here, I'm done!
Emmett: What? leaving is not the answer.
Emmett: I am just touched that you are taking it so hard.
Chuck: Emmett, you don't understand, I quit. No more Buy More, no more you. You can take your flag and your job and shove it.
Casey: Ditto!
Emmett: What do you think you're gonna do for the rest of your life??!!!
Chuck: Anything I want.

2. Chuck/Casey moments. You know you love them.

Chuck: What exactly is this?
Casey: It's your pay packet numnuts.
Chuck: Haiyo!! Whoa!
Casey: Yeah y'know if you were a true patriot you wouldn't even cash it.
Chuck: Casey...
Casey: *grunt*
Chuck: Thank you... for saving my life at least once a week.
Casey: Hmm
Chuck: See, guys can hug...
Casey: Not if they don't have their man parts.
Chuck: That's a good point.
Casey: You've done good work here.
Chuck: Thank you.
Casey: Well, in case of emergencies, my personal number. But uh, your fingers better be on fire when you're dialing.

3. Chuck/Sarah moments. You know you love them even more.

Sarah: You look like a real spy.
Chuck: You look like a real bridesmaid.
Chuck: Sarah, I...
Sarah: Wait uh... there's something that I have to tell you.
Chuck: I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait any longer ok? Everyone keeps asking me what I'm gonna do with my future and the truth is I don't have a clue. All I do know is that I want you to be in it.
Sarah: Please, I really have to tell you.
Chuck: No, no guns, no lies, just us. Just like I've always wanted. I've recently come into a bit of money. So any place you wanna go, any place at all, as long as it's sunny with little.. umbrella drinks. What I'm getting at here is... Sarah Walker, will you do me the honour of taking a vacation with me?
Sarah: Chuck I'm leaving in the morning. The details are classified. But I'm working on the new intersect project, with Bryce.
Chuck: Bryce?
Sarah: I'm.. I'm so sorry I wanted to wait until after the ceremony to tell you.
Chuck: Thank you for coming to the wedding.
Chuck: Good for the cover.

How heartbreaking was this scene you guyssss?

Chuck: You belong out there, saving the world. I'm just.. I'm just not that guy.
Sarah: How many times do you have to be a hero to realise that you are that guy?
Chuck: I want more, Sarah. I want a life, I want a real life.
Sarah: Chuck I don't want to save the world.
Sarah: I want....

4. Me actually really liking Bryce for the first time in this entire series.

Bryce: He wanted to keep you out of this. But I knew you could handle the intersect. I knew Sarah would find you, and most important, you deserved to know the truth about your father. He's a hero. So let's go get your sister back.

Bryce: I'm really sorry about this Chuck.
Chuck: No, no it's ok. It's ok you're going to be fine. It's not that bad.
Bryce: Take care of her.
Chuck: Don't, don't say that you're not dying. She needs you man, okay? You.. you guys are gonna go on missions together and and and do exciting things and save the world, you'll be a team again it'll be great
Bryce: She wasn't gonna come.

And he had to die.... why is television so cruel?

5. Sarah ripping her bridesmaid dress.

6. JEFFSTER!!!!!

7. Ellie meditating in her wedding gown.

8. The amazing Chuck/Ellie brother sister dynamic. No family dynamic has been this awesome since Veronica/Keith on Veronica Mars.
Chuck: Ellie are you alright?
Ellie: Chuck, just please go away
Ellie: I can't believe your idiot friends ruined my wedding I'm never going to forgive Morgan for this.
Chuck: Well, I think you're gonna have to. Because Morgan and Lester and Jeff, they only did what I asked them to do.
Ellie: What?
Chuck: I did all this.. I forgot your rings. So I told them to stall.
Chuck: So if you're going to be mad at someone, you should be mad at me
Ellie: *silence*
Chuck: Please say something.
Ellie: You. Ruined. The most important day of my life.
Chuck: Look, Ellie, you just have to trust me ok? *takes out rings* Take these, and I'll take care of the rest. Trust me.

Devon & Ellie's beach wedding.

How beautiful was it all?

And one of the best parts...

Bryce: Sarah, you're not coming with me are you?
Sarah: *shakes head*

10. White Rooms. Everybody loves white rooms.

11. The final scene...

Bad Spy: You should know this
Bad Spy: No one stops us. No one ever has.
Sarah: Who are you?
Bad Spy: Spies, agent Walker. The best.
Chuck: Sarah, you should look at this.
Sarah: Chuck, did you just flash?
Bad Spy: He uploaded it.
Casey: Oh, Chuck me.
Bad Spy: Kill him.
Chuck: *begins Kung Fu assault*
Casey: Uh..........
Sarah: Chuck?!?
Chuck: Guys, I know kung fu.

You can now:
1) View the GIFs I made of this episode here: xoxo
2) Download the entire set of GIFs here: xoxo
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