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on January 13th, 2009 at 07:18 am

So much pretty!!! I adore your pictures, the colouring is fab.

Marisa Tomei was an epic fail for me idk why but I hated every inch of her outfit. But Freida was sooooo stunning, I adore her and her dress so much. imo, megan fox made ralph lauren look cheap. Never really a fan of her. Kyra > Eva!!!!! :) No to Barrymore's hairwreck. AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER FLASH A PEACE SIGN ON THE RED CARPET, GTFO MILEY.

And who does Heidi Klum think she is? Katy Perry? Another epic fail.

I pretty much agreed with everything you said, except those that I mentioned above hahaha. I love your picspams! <3

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